You’re Capable Of More

You’re capable of more

You’re capable of more than you know. You’re capable of greatness. You can do what you put your mind to. You can make your dreams come true. You can do amazing things. You can achieve outstanding results.

But you have to believe that you can. You have to have faith. You have to be confident about your potential. It may not always seem like you’re getting results, and you might even have days where you feel like you’re taking 10 steps backwards, but that’s all a part of the process.

If you don’t ever experience rejection, how will you get that drive to continue? To prove them wrong, to prove that rejection wrong? You can do great things. You can. You can do it. You’re amazing.

No successful person has lived an easy life. Troubles & struggles are what make great people. You have to be patient. You have to keep moving forward through the tough times, through the hard times, through the hurt.

And once you get results you’ll be able to look back & you’ll see. You’ll see how those difficulties helped you. How you overcame them. How you achieved amazing things. But not everyone will tell you you can achieve amazing things. Not everyone will know. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is you. You have to back yourself. You have to really, truly believe that you can. That you can be the first to do this or the first to do that – that you can back yourself and believe in your abilities.

Because I do. I believe in you. I believe in you. I believe every single person is capable of doing amazing things. But the reason why there’s only a tiny percentage that is successful in doing so is that only a tiny percentage believes in themselves. Only those few people believe in themselves. So take a leaf out of their books & you’ll start to see change. You’ll see growth. Progress. And I want you to push yourself. To tell yourself every day that you can do what you put your mind to. Stop limiting your abilities. Stop limiting yourself. Strive for greatness, strive for big things & back yourself. You need your own backing. You can’t do these things without it. But with it, you can do anything you put your mind to. In Shaa Allah (God willing).

You just have to realise it.

[This post first appeared on my previous blog]

My name’s Humaira and I’m a freelance writer for hire. I’m an English graduate with 3+ years of experience writing on a variety of topics. You can hire me here or get in touch and find out more.

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