I Interviewed Myself

Right guys so I did a lil Q and A post, but I guess this title sounds better. Also, I guess I did interview myself…that’s exactly what a Q and A is! Right, enough of the waffle – enjoy the post!

Introduce yourself in 3 sentences.

Hi, my name’s Humaira Iqbal. I’m an English Literature graduate and am in the midst of building my writing career. For the third sentence: my favourite fruits are pears and tangerines.

Why do you write?

I love writing. I always have. I’ve been writing stories since I was a child. Writing is my passion and I feel like you can do so much with it. Like, you can tell a story, you can utilise writing to make sales, you can describe things. It’s basically like talking but on paper. Okay, now I know that sounds obvious/weird, but…it is.

How would you describe your writing style?

I feel like I can adapt my style to suit the specific occasion. However, my main and probably favourite style of writing is conversational. Almost like you’re having a conversation or are watching a Youtube video. I watch a lot of Youtube videos so that’s bound to influence my writing – well, the tone, at least. I also really enjoy writing this way. I think it makes it more real.

What’s one piece of advice you live by?

Keep your goals to yourself. Like, for real, if you want to do something, just do it – you don’t need to tell everyone you’re doing it. People can be so bitter, jealous and let me tell you now, evil eye is real. Some people can’t stand to see you do well. Others want you to do well, but never better than them. Also, you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Wanna do something productive? Want to create a side business? Go do it!

Do you have any other advice you’d like to share?

Have faith. Everything that is going to happen to you is already written, so have faith and trust God’s plan. God will never ever let you down. Also, another piece of advice, do what makes you happy!

What’s your opinion on mental health?

Mental health is so so important. Like, everything is down to your mind. I feel like people don’t realise just how much things can impact/affect you mentally, and when your mind and mental health is affected negatively, it’s huge. And it can affect every single thing you can do. That’s not to say you can’t overcome these issues – you 100% can – but your mental health is literally a part of you. We have to look after our mental health and sanity just like we have to look after our physical health. They go hand in hand, together.

What’s your favourite colour?

Purple. Always has been. Maybe more lilac now, though.

Any final words you’d like to share?

You got this. Go at your own pace and do things your way. Everyone’s path to success is different, just have faith in God. Everything happens for the best, always.

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