Announcing My Notebook Business: Notebooks For You

I love notebooks. I collect notebooks. I always have. When asked what I want for my birthday, I usually reply with notebooks. (To my fellow writers out there, is having a notebook addiction a writer thing?)

Recently, as I was decluttering my room I realised I have a lot. Okay, to be frank, I have way too many. But notebooks are something I’m really passionate about and for a while now I’ve been thinking about starting a notebook business.

And there we have it! Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), things fell into place, I started working hard & I recently launched my own notebook business on Amazon: Notebooks For You. Woo! All notebooks are sold securely and shipped worldwide through Amazon.

All our notebooks are 6” x 9” & have 120 lined pages inside for you to take notes & write, write, write! All of our notebooks have matte covers, except for the Alphabet Notebook, which has a glossy cover.

Our notebooks are fun and make great gifts – even if that means a gift for yourself. (We all know those are the best kinds of gifts, let’s be honest!)

We sell motivational notebooks, funny notebooks and some that are just so pretty #instagrammable.

Shop Notebooks For You UK

Shop Notebooks For You USA

Shop Notebooks For You Canada

To shop Notebooks For You in any other country, simply head over to your respective Amazon site & enter the title of the notebook you’d like to purchase. (Titles are captioned under each notebook below.)

I’m Not The Boss, I’m Just Bossy Notebook

This just might be my favourite of all the notebooks. Is it because it resembles me? Maybe… I just think it’s a funny notebook that would make a great gift for someone who’d appreciate the joke. Or if you love it for yourself, like I do, why not treat yourself!

Stay Winning Notebook

The most personal notebook to me as it reminds me to keep working hard and stay winning. You can make great things happen (God willing) & you can be successful. This notebook is the perfect notebook to document your successes and how you plan on getting there. Feeling unmotivated as you’re writing? Flick back to the cover & let it remind you to stay winning.

XO Notebook

A pretty pink notebook that would make the perfect flatlay. It’s aesthetically pleasing and is definitely one of the prettiest notebooks I’ve seen.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Alphabet Notebook

This one’s a cool notebook. Like, the alphabet on the cover of a notebook, it just looks so good, you know what I mean?

We also have some NEW launches! Check them out below.

At Least I Can Say I Always Tried My Best Notebook

This is definitely my favourite of the new launches. I think this is a very personal notebook & reminds you to always try your best, as that’s all you can do.

Stuff I’m Not Allowed To Forget

The perfect gift for that forgetful friend or family member. The fact that it’s bright orange means hopefully they won’t lose this notebook, either!

Things My Kids Say Notebook

Kids come out with the funniest, silliest things. What better way to document what they say than to write them down in this fun notebook? A great gift for parents or parents-to-be!

Positive Vibes Notebook

A bright yellow notebook reminding you to keep it positive! Positive vibes only please, no wasting time on negativity around here! #positivevibes

Red Sus Notebook

Do you play Among Us? Do you know someone that does? Red sus is a funny meme related to Among Us. Anyone who plays the game will understand the reference. This notebook is a fun gift for the Among Us player, whether that’s a child or adult.

Rose Notebook

A pretty notebook, either for yourself or a gift. Everyone loves roses, right?

#Spon Notebook

A fun one for the blogger in your life. If you’re a blogger, then that’s you! A fun notebook to write down your blog post ideas or to keep track of those sponsored posts. #spon

Keep Going Notebook

And last but not least, this lilac notebook has so many positive messages on the front and back covers. If you need some motivation just keep reading the cover and remember that every single little positive message is true!

And those are all of our notebooks so far! We’re constantly launching new notebooks, so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @notebooksforyou to find out about our new launches & all our latest offers.

We hope you love our notebooks as much as we do! Let us know your favourite in the comments below or on Instagram. As I mentioned, mine has to be the I’m Not The Boss, I’m Just Bossy Notebook as I think it’s such a fun notebook. It’s closely followed by the Stay Winning Notebook as it keeps me motivated & reminds me to keep working hard.

And all that’s left to say is happy shopping!

You can buy our notebooks from the UK here.

You can buy our notebooks from the USA here.

You can buy our notebooks from Canada here.

Again, to buy our notebooks from any other country, simply head over to your respective Amazon site & enter the title of the notebook you’d like to purchase.

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