A Short Poem About Writing | Day 1 Of Writing Every Day


of thoughts

& ideas

and content

that people will read.

She is thinking,

but is unsure of what to write about

so instead,

she writes this poem.

Apparently, writers should write every day. I’m a writer. So I guess I’m going to be writing every day (God willing).

This little poem is the first of my every day posts – let’s call it a warm up. Also, the premise of it is very true. She does not know what to write about right now.

Regardless, I (yes, ‘she’ is me) am hoping to write every single day and will be sharing my posts with you guys right here. Hopefully I’ll be able to experiment and expand my writing skill set along the way. I guess we shall see what happens!

Please do let me know in the comments below what you’d like me to write about. Is there anything in particular you like reading? Let me know!

See you tomorrow (God willing).

My name’s Humaira and I’m a freelance writer for hire. I’m an English graduate with 3+ years’ experience writing on a variety of topics. You can hire me here.

Come say hello on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll see you there!

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