2am Thoughts | Lockdown, Halima Aden & Other Stuff

Daily Blog Post Number 5

02:27am. Should go to sleep, really. Furlough coming to an end. Second lockdown coming to an end. Apparently. Manchester in tier 3. London in tier 2. Interesting. Country allowed 5 days to celebrate Christmas, can meet up to 3 families. Remember, we were told the night before Eid we couldn’t meet our families. The night before. Very interesting. Also completely unfair. Hmm.

A few thoughts. Bit of background noise. You’ll never really know someone. Especially not someone that you only know online. An example: a blogger whose content you keep up with. You follow them on socials, watch their videos, etc. You think you know them. Don’t forget you’re only seeing what they choose to share. The same way you only share with others (whether on socials/real life) what you want to share with them.

An example: if you share 10 pictures on Insta and people think they truly know you now because they saw your pictures, what do you say? They don’t know you. In the same way, you don’t know those bloggers. People only share what they want.

So yeah. Really, really inspired by Halima Aden. May Allah reward her for speaking out. Ameen. She’s helping so many fellow muslim women stick to their truths. She, a millionaire super famous model, was reminded it’s Deen over Dunya and not to compromise her deen for anything. Wow. Subhanallah. May we learn from her authenticity. May we learn from her standing her ground and choosing her deen. May Allah guide us all. Ameen. May Allah allow us all to be guided to the Straight Path. Ameen.

Reminder and lesson: don’t try so hard to fit in. To be accepted. To be like them. You never will. Why? Because you were born to stand out.

02:39am. Thank you for reading.

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