A 78 Word Short Story

Daily blog post number 6 She was tired. Her eyes felt heavy and threatened to close, but she tried her best to soldier on and get some work done. Her deadline was just a few hours away. She couldn’t let her first client down. She had to focus. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work. About aContinue reading “A 78 Word Short Story”

I Interviewed Myself

Right guys so I did a lil Q and A post, but I guess this title sounds better. Also, I guess I did interview myself…that’s exactly what a Q and A is! Right, enough of the waffle – enjoy the post! Introduce yourself in 3 sentences. Hi, my name’s Humaira Iqbal. I’m an English LiteratureContinue reading “I Interviewed Myself”

You’re Capable Of More

You’re capable of more than you know. You’re capable of greatness. You can do what you put your mind to. You can make your dreams come true. You can do amazing things. You can achieve outstanding results. But you have to believe that you can. You have to have faith. You have to be confident aboutContinue reading “You’re Capable Of More”

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